Door Release Buttons

exitThere are many to choose from.

A stylish touch to exit button with dry contact relay output and red/green illumination (RED when in standby, green when activated). Finished in silver and IP54 rated. Powered from 12Vdc with the word EXIT engraved.

Available in different colours from Silver, Red, Grey and Green.exit2


A variety of Flush stainless steel large green domed push button with single pole changeover contacts are available.flush-door-release

Surface stainless steel push to exit button engraved “Press To Exit”. Single pole normally open contacts.


Sensor Door Release

Infrared Sensor Door Release Buttons come in many different Stylish designs.

Sensor Door ReleaseFeatured with infrared technology, touch free, more convenient to use, red/green illumination (RED when in standby, green when activated)

Contactless, free from contagious disease spread.

The switch responds agilely and quickly.infrared-no-touch-contactless-door-release-exit-button-sensor-switch-with-led-indication

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