Commercial Installations

We can design, install and maintain IRS, MATV / SMATV systems for properties,

such as hotels, businesses and flats or apartment blocks.

IRS – Integrated Reception Systems

This is system that will enable a resident to receive Freesat, Sky digital, terrestrial digital /analogue, FM and DAB signals all from a single outlet in their home. IRS systems are ideal for flats, new build apartments and residential.

Latest dual feed IRS systems are designed for Freesat, Sky+ and Sky HD.

MATV – Master Antenna Television

This is a system where a number of television points can be run from a single aerial and head end amplifier.
One aerial feeding 10 – 500+ TV points for digital television.

SMATV – Satellite Master Antenna TV

This is as MATV, but also carrying one or several extra services simultaneously

These systems are perfect for hotels, guesthouses and residential homes.

Housing Associations

Crystal Digital TV are working with a large number of housing associations nationwide to install solutions into a variety of properties, such as hotels, business units, blocks of flats and apartments.

Here are some of our clients:

  • Wrekin Housing Trust
  • Orbit Heart of England
  • Stonham
  • Cambridge City Council
  • South Yorkshire Housing

We offer a site survey, planning and free quotation service.
We are happy to give advice and consultancy on the most suitable equipment for your requirements.