Support for TV viewers affected by mobile signal upgrades


Mobile upgrades and your TV?

Some mobile broadband and TV received through an aerial use parts of the radio spectrum – bands of frequencies (airwaves) – to reach us. The frequencies used by some mobile services are close to those previously used for free to view TV. As a result, when a nearby mobile mast is upgraded, there is a small chance that your aerial, TV, or set-top box could struggle to receive a good TV signal.


How will you know if your TV is affected?

Typical issues include poor sound, blocky images (pixilation) or a ‘no signal’ message being shown on screen. These symptoms might be experienced some or all of the time. Only free to view TV received through an aerial will experience problems; your viewing will not be affected if you watch cable or satellite TV.


Who can help if you notice new TV interference?

Restore TV can help. Restore TV is an independent programme created to ensure that all UK viewers continue to receive free to view channels, such as Freeview, BT, TalkTalk and Youview, or are offered a suitable alternative, if mobile service upgrades cause TV interference.


The Restore TV programme is run by Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited (DMSL). DMSL is owned by and represents the UK mobile operators: EE, Virgin Media O2, Three and Vodafone.


Restore TV reports to the Coexistence Technical Working Group chaired by Ofcom, representing consumers, broadcasters and mobile operators. It monitors and advises on our performance to ensure the interests of free to view TV viewers are properly served.


How can they help?

Restore TV identifies homes at risk of experiencing TV interference from mobile signals and sends those homes a postcard explaining the issue and asking viewers to look out for new interference to their free to view services.


They will send a free filter to fit yourself. Fitting instructions are included and further advice can be provided online and by phone. If fitting the filter does not resolve the interference and, if you are eligible, they may be able to arrange for a Restore TV engineer to visit your home, at no cost.


If you live in a flat or communal property with one aerial serving multiple homes Restore TV can arrange to provide the appropriate filters, free of charge to your landlord, property manager, factor or residents’ association