4G Awareness


Mobile phone transmitters have been upgraded to 4G to allow improved data speeds for mobile phone users. Once active these transmitters will be using a frequency that is very near to the signals that Digital Terrestial TV (Freeview) uses. Most households in the UK have at least one TV if not more that receives Terrestrial Freeview.

The original roll out for switching on 4G was scheduled over a three year period, however mobile phone operators have brought the programe forward, and now most masts will be operating before Christmas 2013.


Ofcom (the body set up by the government to oversee the telecommunications industry), have been working with at800 on a number of pilots across various parts of the UK.

Statistics have shown that some interferance has occured, and up to 1 million homes could be affected. It is possible to mitigate any affects caused by 4G interferance by the use of a filter on the aerial system.

Symptoms for those affected might include a loss of sound, blocky or pixelated images or loss of some or all channels.


The good news is that Ofcom and the mobile network operators have set up an organization (at800) to deal with an potentual issues, the main focus is on houses where the problem seems easier to address.

A range of skilled industry professionals have been accredited with being able to supply solutions across they UK, these experienced companies have both the capacity and the ability to address any volume of calls.

The organisation set up by the government and the mobile telephone companies to provide advice and solutions for impacted residents, at800 are writing to all residents that they think will be affected.  Domestic home owners will be provided with an installer who will be able to fit a filter completely free of charge to the main TV set.



at800 can provide filters free of charge to communal blocks of flats, however, the property managers will need to source and pay for the installation of the filters themselves.

Crystal Electronics, one of the largest companies that are assisting with the mitigation of these potential issues, have designed a proactive solution for landlords, housing associations and property managers responsible for blocks of flats.

A filter for the communal TV system will be provided by at800 free of charge and installed by Crystal Electronics for a very competative cost. Our engineers will also inspect and report on all aspects of the external compliance of the buildings as part of the visit and provide an E-MOT for the building.

The first major phase of the 4G rollout starts on the 1st July with 4,300 transmitters being switched on.

To learn more about how Crystal Electronics can assist you in proactively managing these issues, please call us on 01933 226410 or email us at 4GFacts@CrystalElectronics.co.uk