07 Jul, 16

CCTV and Alarm Services
Home and work Security Systems
These days security is never far from our minds and protecting the family and the home is paramount to most of us.

Did you know that when an alarm is fitted to your home the risk of burglary occurring drops from 100% to 2%? Or, did you know that the damage caused by someone breaking in is usually more than the damage caused by stealing items?

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a range of Alarm packages and CCTV packages to make you feel safer in your home. We only use Alarm and CCTV products from market leading companies that offer an excellent level of security, not DIY. Little or no wires will be visible after the alarm is installed.

call today for a free no obligation quotation; we can help in many ways from low cost deterrents to the highest level commercial system.

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